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Chemtrails and Sylphs


Sylph (noun)- 
1. a fictional elemental that lives in the air
2. A beautiful young woman.

Do you ever wonder what happens when a conspiracy theorist sees something like this:
Figure 1
[Figure 1]
The reasoning that goes on in their minds are impossible to explain. Regardless, for them there is only one possible answer:

Straight from Educate-Yourself.org, here is today’s conspiracy theory story:

Before we get to the article, let’s get this whole thing sorted out. 
Figure one shows a picture of a type of cloud known as a cirrus uncinus. From Wikipedia:
Cirrus uncinus is a type of cirrus cloud. The name cirrus uncinus is derived from Latin, meaning “curly hooks”. Also known as mares’ tails, these clouds are generally sparse in the sky, and very thin.
The clouds occur at very high altitudes, at a temperature of about minus 40-50 degrees Celsius. They are generally seen when a warm or occluded front is approaching. They are very high in the troposphere, and generally mean that precipitation, usually rain, is approaching.

The long wispy tails of the clouds are actually precipitation – very high snow in the form of tiny ice crystals falling through the air.  The wind blows these sideways, giving the distinctive hook shape.

So onto our friends at Educate-Yourself. The article was written by Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone.
This is a very large sylph transmuting chemtrails. I believe it to be the same sylph who came to Earth after leaving her/his cometary body at Jupiter…Comet Shoemaker/Levi.
The mere fact that this is considered the most logical explanation for these clouds are disturbing. The specific ‘sylph’ she is referring to is in Figure 1. 
In real life, Shoemaker-Levy 9 was a comet that orbited Jupiter for at least two decades before it smashed into the planet with explosive force. http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/comet_body.html
Exactly how this was translated into the comet leaving its body behind so it could attack some chemtrails is unknown.

At most times the sylphs are transparent but when working on chemtrails they can be seen “rounding up” the aluminum particles. Over the area I live, there has been heavy spraying in recent days (June 1 and 2, 2004) and the chemtrails were sectioned off and herded like cattle. Each sphere of chaff then disappeared into a huge cloud. There were about twenty chemtrail spheres covering the sky. Each sphere was about a quarter of a mile in diameter (Thunderbirds of Earth) and they were herded towards a huge cloud over five miles in diameter (Cometary Sylph). “H.M.”, another Croft Chembuster owner, drove in from Kamloops to Salmon Arm [British Columbia, Canada] and saw the same thing I did. He said that the chemtrails over Kamloops were smearing out in the usual grey sky HAARP cloud cover but over Salmon Arm the chemtrails were sectioned off in spherical pieces. We had a good rain the next day.

Cirrus uncinus is an indication of an unstable layer in the atmosphere. The hooks have an upcurrent of around 7 cm/s, the tails have a downcurrent of more than 50 cm/s. It is this downcurrent that limits the life of a contrail, making it look like “sylphs clean up chemtrails”. Really. It’s that simple. 
These clouds are generally seen when a warm or occluded front is approaching. As a result, they are often accompanied by rain.
And they need to figure out what ‘chaff’ is.
Sylphs are transmuting air into water. Neon gas conversion to water is simple, as only two protons need to be drawn off the nucleus and chemically recombined with the remaining oxygen. The sylphs appear to be able to pull off neutrons, contain them with their magnetic fields, and use the hydrogen atom which is spontaneously generated a split second later when the neutron divides into a proton, electron and subquently emits a neutrino.

That simply isn’t possible. There is no known method of converting neon into hydrogen. Neon has 10 protons, while hydrogen has one; this means that it would have to lose nine protons to become hydrogen.
Neon is also found at one part for every 65,000 (by volume) in the earth’s atmosphere. This is a very small amount, and it would require million of neon atoms to simply make one raindrop (remember, two hydrogen atoms are needed to form one water molecule). If they could really make rain out of neon, they’d have run out a long time ago.

With such flexibility, a sylph can create water from atmospheric oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Atmospheric dust, which is mainly silica, can also be converted to air and water. The sprayed aluminum particles can also be converted to air and water. The process is more involved with any number of intermediatary steps depending on the end product. The large cometary sylphs and now the sylph giants of Jupiter and Saturn are doing the same work.

Silica is SiO2. This means that to convert it to water, one would have to magically spawn two hydrogen molecules and make the silicon and one oxygen molecule vanish. 
And I am 100% certain that aluminum cannot be converted to water, and that the only way to make it a gas is to boil it at  2467º C.

We have not been hearing much about the holes in the ozone lately as Thunderbird sylphs have been transmuting stratospheric chlorine for more than a decade. Free chlorine breaks up the ozone molecule. There is nearly as much chlorine going into the air as twenty years ago but mother nature has found a solution to that pollution.

The ozone layer is still shrinking. According to Jonathon Shanklin of the British Antarctic Survey:
Recent measurements at surface monitoring stations show that the loading of ozone destroying chemicals at the surface has been dropping since about 1994 and is now about 6% down on that peak.  The stratosphere lags behind the surface by several years and the loading of ozone depleting chemicals in the ozone layer is at or near the peak.  Satellite measurements show that the rate of decline in ozone amount in the upper stratosphere is slowing, however the total ozone amount is still declining.  The small size of the 2002 ozone hole was nothing to do with any reduction in ozone depleting chemicals and it will be a decade or more before we can unambiguously say that the ozone hole is recovering…What we saw in 2002 is just one extreme in the natural range of variation in the polar stratosphere and is the equivalent of an extreme in ‘stratospheric weather’.
And CFCs are now being heavily regulated. 

The aluminum particle chemtrails have done nothing towards patching the holes or absorbing ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The aluminum chaff is actually containing the extra heat in the lower atmosphere and not allowing it to radiate off into space as infrared photons at night. Due to this problem the sylphs have determined their best action is to transmute the five micron aluminum particles into oxygen and environmentally friendly gases such as helium.
Chaff is a radar countermeasure that consists of strips of aluminum released from a plane, warship, or ICBM to scramble radar. It is easy to identify when it lands, and has been in use since World War Two.
And anybody who thinks that aluminum can be converted to helium has no idea what they’re talking about. 

The energies used to perform the transmutations are great. The Chembusters in this type of work become energy grounding instruments. The Chembusters link the sky with the earth and transmute some of the denser elements and dark orgone. More and more orgonite is needed to change poisonous radioactive elements in the air, water and earth. Much radiation has been released to the environment especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. The dozens of mini nukes exploded over the past twenty years all around the world have contaminated the environment.
I am unaware of any “mini-nukes” that have been detonated in either Afghanistan or Iraq. 
In addition, orgone hasn’t been scientifically proven to exist. This means that they’re saying something which hasn’t been confirmed to exist (sylphs) are using something that hasn’t been confirmed to exist (orgone) to combat something that hasn’t been confirmed to exist (chemtrails). This gets real circular, real fast.

Barium chemtrails are a problem for sylphs as there is no easy way of transmuting this heavy metal into air and water. Croft chembusters work well on barium and depositing the transmutation end products as nutrients in the soil. Smaller sylphs physically carry the heavier elements to ground. In past eras the fire, water and earth elementals would have rendered the toxins harmless, now orgonite is helping clean up the mess. There is little likelihood of elementals depositing toxins such as barium into the topsoil. That is not their plan.

See above. 

That’s all for now.

Будем здоровы!




The above link will bring you to the site that the full conspiracy theory was posted. On this site, I’ll break it down and explain why the theory is false.

Anybody who reads conspiracy theories knows about ‘chemtrails’. According to theorists, these are chemical agents sprayed in the air and are designed to look like contrails, which are clouds of sublimated H2O that airplanes leave. So let’s see how true this theory is.

The link posted at the beginning brings you to Educate-Yourself, which is renowned for not posting evidence of its theories and simply demanding that you listen to them (they justify this lack of evidence by saying that people should educate themselves, instead of relying on them). As a result, it’s nearly impossible to argue against them, since there isn’t anything to argue. This makes it necessary to follow their links. So the first link we’ll follow is:
This is E-Y editor Ken Adachi’s response to a reader asking about the difference between “airplane exhaust” and chemtrails.

You’re seeing chemtrails. Commercial jet engines burn fuel so efficiently that you would never “see” exhaust fumes, especially from such such a great distance, and they couldn’t possibly contain enough particulate matter to be seen as a plume.

Wrong. All exhaust systems release one similar gas: water vapour. When released into extremely cold conditions (-40 degrees C), this vapour a) condenses into water, or b) freezes directly from a gas to solid ice in a process known as sublimation. This is almost exactly what happens to normal clouds.
Plane leaving contrails behind. Note how the vapor lines up exactly with the engines.
Notice how the water vapour lines up directly with the engines, and how there is a large space between the engines and the contrail. This more or less proves that these aren’t chemtrails; aluminum, even in the most minuscule proportions, would have turned this space white, and barium would have made it green. So it appears that even the DENSEST trail is metal-free.
The normal response is then “Not through the engines, Spray nozzles are used”.
But spray nozzles are yet to be featured in ANY chemtrail video.

You wouldn’t even smell fumes if you were standing relatively close to the plane with their engines running.
Obviously Mr. Anachi hasn’t spent much time near jets. Jet fumes have a rather strong smell. Because I’m a nice guy, I’ll even give you a link: http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/general_aviation/read.main/388110/

How many times have you’ve flown on a commercial jet and could “see” any sort of visible exhaust plume coming out the rear of the engine? Never, right?


Notice how in both of these images the contrail is only visible behind the plane. Most airline passengers don’t see these because most airplanes aren’t fitted with rear-view mirrors.

There are now a lot of disinformation web sites on the internet which try to convince people that they are seeing jet engine “exhaust” or the “formation of cirrus clouds” from jet engine exhaust, etc.. It’s nonsense, utter bogus nonsense. The “explanations” being offered up by these disinformation web sites to account for chemtrails are so preposterous that it doesn’t deserve serious discussion.

I presume that this is Mr. Adachi’s justification for why he hasn’t returned my and countless others’ emails asking him for proof of chemtrails.

Let’s go to the next article:
Ah, here’s a good one. Here’s yet another one of Adachi’s replies to skeptics. Instead of evidence of chemtrails, though, he decided to educate us as to who’s in charge. I’ll let you read the whole article, but here’s the best part:
Those at the top are usually reptilian shape shifters or are human/alien hybrids. Most are not normal human beings in any sense of the word. Although they may APPEAR to be human, they are not human. Someone who has access to much higher inside information than I, had it confirmed that about 70% of the US Senate are reptilians masquerading as human beings.
………I honestly don’t know what to say to that. Conspiracy theorists, is this your source of information?

Here’s an interesting one:
Mr. Adachi seems convinced that mystical ‘black beams’ are being projected and somehow assist chemtrail sprayers. He’s wide off the mark.
These black beams are shadows cast by contrails. A full explanation can be found here:
The most interesting type of contrail dark line is when the contrail is lined up with the sun. This produces a slice of shadow through the atmosphere that looks like a dark line when viewed edge-on. It is quite difficult to visualize what is going on since you have to think in three dimensions, and we are accustomed to thinking of shadows as being flat, since they are usually cast on surfaces. You are not seeing a thin dark shadow here, you are actually seeing a huge slab of very faint shadow, but it’s viewed from looking along the edge. Imagine you have a thick sheet of glass. Viewed head on, it’s transparent, but if you look at it from the edge, it seems a lot darker…Given the line (contrail) and direction vector (sun) we can form a plane that contains the line, and is parallel to the direction vector. This plane cuts through the contrail, the atmosphere, and intersects the ground. Projecting two end points of the contrail along the plane in the direction of the sun’s vector, we get essentially a two dimensional parallelepiped (although the far edge is not very well defined). This parallelepiped is quite thin (it’s as thick as the contrail), so when viewed from the side, you won’t see much. But when the viewer is in the plane of the parallelepiped – specifically anywhere along the line on the ground formed by the intersection with the plane formed by the contrail and the sun – then they will be viewing the parallelepiped from edge-on, and so it will seem to be a dark line that intersects the contrail.
I promise you, it’ll make more sense when you read the link. Here’s a picture of a shadow:
Contrail Shadow above Mallorca
Notice how in the above picture, the black beam can be seen on ground and water as well as the sky. This is more or less proof that it is a shadow.
Another problem with the ‘black beam’ theory:
Think of a mechanism that will project black into a sunlit sky. There are none. The only part of a sky that can be black is a part where the sun is partially blocked by something. Common sense can answer a lot of questions.


Here’s an explanation for how contrails form written in the March 1943 edition of Popular Science:
How contrails form
Contrails are formed by the exact same mechanisms today as they were in 1943, as explained above. Old propellor planes used fuel which is essentially the same thing used in modern day jets. The engines release water vapor, and contrails form if the conditions are right. It even states that contrails “can last for some time”. It also provides an explanation of how vortices create contrails. Keep in mind that even the most deranged chemtrail theorists don’t say that chemtrails have been around since 1943.

Будем здоровы!


If you wish to see the full text, click the link above. Here, I will break it down into manageable segments.

It’s amazing what people will come up with in their free time. And trust me, they need a lot of it to come up with this conspiracy. According to Rozzr on deviantART, full-body security scanners are part of a conspiracy to eliminate the population. But how? That’s coming right up. The bolded text is Rozzr’s, and the standard is mine:

These scanners are NOT “X-ray” scanners at all! They use “T-rays,” or terahertz radiation. http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/24331/

And there you have it, folks. Those X-ray scanners aren’t X-rays at all! The link says it, so IT MUST BE TRUE!!!

Hold on a minute. The link doesn’t say anything about airport security scanners. Rather, it talks about future use of terahertz waves (THz waves) for use in “peer[ing] inside envelopes, into living rooms and ‘frisk’ people at distance…the waves can be used to spot tumours near the surface of the skin.” Again, this is future use only.

There is a lot of publicity about on the Internet regarding the airport body scanners. They are calling them X-ray scanners. They are not the normal X-rays at all, they are in fact extremely dangerous and can destroy your DNA.

Once again, there is nothing to suggest that anything besides X-rays are used in scanners at all.

Please do not let them tell you the rays are a tiny amount. Look for yourself. Quote: “..although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication…”

This, by the way, hasn’t been confirmed. There are many other expirements that haven’t replicated these results. And, of course, these aren’t used in scanners.

Seach for: “How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA”
Judge the facts. Think for yourself. Protect yourself.”

The link here is unrelated to the rest of the paragraph. “How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA” is the first link, which again doesn’t support the conspiracy theory.

The link here instead talks about how there is a very small chance that somebody who constantly goes through security scanners may get cancer. The article over-exaggerates and fails to explain just what the chances of getting cancer are. “THz waves” never come up in the article at all. As far as I’m concerned, this article is irrelevant.

Daily Mail article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1330857/Terrorists-likely-cancer-airport-body-scanners-scientist-claims.html#ixzz15iMJD02w 

This article is a little better. It states that the chances of getting cancer from scanners are about the same as those of getting killed by a suicide bomber – both are about one in 30 million. Straight from the article: ” These are still a factor of 10 lower than the probability of dying in any one year from being struck by lightning in the United States.” So I wouldn’t worry too much.

Please pass on this very important information. This is not a scam or a hoax it is for real. It is eugenics.

Eugenics is most often associated with Hitler. Remember that old internet debate rule where the first person to compare the other side with a Nazi automatically lost the argument? That was a good rule.

So, overall, here’s yet another conspiracy, and another one which it 100% untrue.

Будем здоровы!